Willie Cooper

Willie, like alot of Kiwis working in Sapporo as ELT teachers, joined the club to enjoy some running rugby with the Barbarians club whenever the weather and occasion suited. Willlie played for the club for 2 seasons, usually in the backs for the B Team where he always looked to run the ball in the true Barbarian spirit.
Now a High School teacher at Whangarei BHS.
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Matt Cotter

Unfortunately this wasn't my first or last yellow card for the Barbars...due mainly to the fact that it took my swede for a head a few years to realise that good old Southland rucking was a penalty offense in Japan! By the end of my eight year stint, I was able to stay on the field for most of the 80 minutes....though the body wasn't keeping up with the young fellas by then! Now the Over 35 team is in my sights.

Barbars were, are and will be good times for any ex pats keen to make a go at Japanese club level rugby and living in Japan in general.
With the new grounds and clubhouse, things have become more organised and the motivation and energy levels of all involved will help the club become even more of a rugby force in the years to come.
Speaking for myself, I wouldn't have stayed in Japan as long as I have if it hadn't been for the Barbarians.
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Jamie Coventry

I originally came to the Barbarians with an intended stay of one year but the more I stayed the more I enjoyed both the lifestyle of Sapporo and the Barbarian club`s rugby and it`s people. I continued on for 6 seasons and after a 5 year period away from Japan I have returned again, for more.
During my time from 1998 to 2004 here I truely had the time of my life, both on and off the field.
Played with a great bunch of blokes all aged about the same age and who were determined to acheive something
as a team, we trained and played hard but our closeness and fun we had off the field is what really brought the results I think.
So much going on in the city too away from rugby, whether it`s a festival or the ski season, beer garden or an izakaya or snack bar in Susukino, a great part of the country is Sapporo. My favourite rugby memory here is watching our 50kg left wing whippet Hiratsuka receive the ball on his own 10 metre line and then sprint, glide, shimmy and swerve his way through the Tamariva team to score in the corner and win us the East Japan Final in 2002. An amazing effort from the little buggar.
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August Collins

August was the first invited player to don the red and black jersey with true international experience, and it showed.
Having played for Samoa against England, Scotland and Argentina and with Christain Cullen and Ronan O`Gara at Munster you could say he had enough ability to warrant a Barbars starting position.
Gus is the cornerstone of the backline, extremely strong on his feet who makes break after break in all games.
The best way to describe his defensive ability would be to look at the statistics on how many times zambucks were called on to the field this season. Unfortuntely most of the wounded could not be healed with water from the kettle and indeed many an opposition player was stretchered off with a leg or a loose limb always hanging limply over the "tanka".
Intends to stick around in Sapporo for awhile, the lifestyle, food, rugby and off-field possibilites agree with him.
A fantastic asset to the club.
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