Phil Murray

I remember very fondly my time with the Babas - not so much from a rugby perspective because I blew my knee apart and couldn't contribute as I wanted to, but for theハlife experience and the friendships made. Fondest on field memory would be locking the second-team scrum with Taniguro-san - surely the shortest locking partnership in the history of rugby!! And of course the English "lessons" with the rugby boys, where we generally watched rugby videos and drank beer.

These days living in Queensland, Australia, working as a journalist.
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Scott McLeod

While Scott would probably not rank donning the Barbarians jersey as his finest hour it is with great pride that the club can boast having Scott as one of it`s previous invited players, before Waikato, Chiefs, All Black and Toshiba fame beckoned.
Scott was not with the club a full season as the Waikato RFU had bigger plans for him and called him back where he made an impact on the NZ rugby scene scoring a record equalling 15 tries at NPC level.
During his time here though Scott revelled in the Sapporo way of life, it`s food, it`s people, it`s rugby.
Although he did not attend all of Nick Stratford`s bible lessons he did himself find some divinity in his short stint with the team and this experience made the decision to join the Toshiba Rugby team that much easier later in his career.
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Joshua Mau

Joshua Mau while a student at Yamanote High School played for the club for the 2006 season.
Too old to qualify for his high school team it was to the Barbarians good fortune that he played for the A team that year at loosehead prop.
For a young man Josh made a big impression withis fine ball skills and work rate.
For a big man he was very mobile often making critical tackles out in the open.
After 2006 Josh went on to play for Tokai University.
In his third year Josh captained the tokai team all the way to the finals playing at number eight.
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Steve Mangan

Steve played two years for the Barbarians from 2008 to 2010.
A product of the Thames area in NZ Steve is a big mobile prop who plays to a consistent high level every game.
A key member to the Barbarians lineout and scrum and very mobile which suited the Barbars style. Steve supplemented his income through taking money off the players at poker on team trips, a shark, we won`t be at all surprised if we see him playing for the World Series on the gaming channel in the future.
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Logan Muir

I first came to the club as an invited player in 1996 and played 11 seasons for the babas. The club sure has changed in that time!
The rugby was a mixture of frustration of fun but I always enjoyed being on the field with the boys. Great bunch of guys who are passionate about their rugby.
Had some good times and made a lot of friends on and off the field.
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Paul McDonald

Paul played for the club from 2004 to 2008 and was a major contributor to the team`s continued success in the East Japan and All Japan tournaments, effective at either no8 or flanker Paul is dynamic with the ball in hand and a handful for the opposition when playing his natural running game.
Deceptively quick for a big lad. Took an immediate liking to the city and it`s culture, very popular team man.
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