Reg Profitt

Reg originally a product of Gisborne Boys High School played for Waikato University for several seasons.
Reg played for the Barbarians club in 1994 at prop for one season.
The club during the nineties invited several front row players to help strengthen their scrum and also to coach them in one of their weaknesses at the time. Reg helped the club significantly on their tour of NZ in 1995 helping out as guide as they toured the country.
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Aaron Paterson

Zinny played two seasons for the club from 2002 to 2003.
Another instrumental player to help the team win the 2002 East Japan final playing strongly off the back of the scrum and generally tidying up after everyone and doing all the hard work at ruck time, a big defender.
Zinny revelled in the Sapporo lifestyle and was a critical member of the club at breaking down the barriers of language and culture. Introduced the club to hangis and hakas and the opposition to a massive palm in the face and a good shoeing.
Aaron always rose to the occasion off the field, great at encompassing all the players families and children into the social events, made a big difference while here.
Now a highly regarded ref in the Waikato and in the real estate business.
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Mark Pope

Mark was the invited forward for the 1997 season. Big and fast he was a powerful player off the back of the scrum for the Babas.
He notched up a huge try count that year as he ran around, through or over most of the opposition. Mark went on to play professional rugby in Scotland after his year with the Barbarians.
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Craig Philpott

I was an invited player, along with Jeremy 'frog' Angland and D-Boy Rees, in 1989. Towards the end of 1988 I saw an advert from Mark Ealey on the Canterbury University noticeboard inviting players to come over for a year. I was finishing my degree and fancied a year off travelling before heading to Teachers College so I replied!

We flatted in Nakanoshima just around the corner from the Ealeys.
Ironically, Jeremy and I were replacing Derek McLauchlin (who I now work with at Christchurch BHS) and Deane Sadler (who I later played with at Toshiba 92-96).

The club helped us find English lessons and I also taught at ICS where Mark Ealey was based. We joined XAS, the local gym where our colossus of a No8 Nakajima had been working, and Mark also set up and ran weekly Japanese lessons for us so we could at least order our own beer and yakitori!

My favourite memories off the field were nights out in Susukino and at the beer garden with the club's fantastic members. I will never forget the good times shared with Inao, Taniguro, Takafumi, Tooru, Minoru (and his late brother Yutaka), Shinjiro, Miyake, and many more.

On field we played an exciting style of rugby - well, as exciting as you can play on concrete grounds! Things have obviously improved in the last 20 years! We lost in the final of the All Hokkaido Champs A grade (I think!) which was very disappointing but had some great victories along the way.
20 Years on, I am a 42 yr old Assistant Principal of Christchurch Boys High School. I am married to Denise and we have three daughters - Ashleigh, Tayla and Maddison.

I was only in Sapporo for the year but it was that experience that made me fall in love with the country and its wonderful people. After 28 games for Canterbury, I returned to Japan as a fulltime professional player for Toshiba Fuchu in 1992 and had 4 years in Tokyo. Since retiring from playing in 1998 I have been very involved in coaching, from primary school rep teams to 1st XV, then Colts and senior premier. I have now completed the IRB Level 4 practicum and so am as coach-qualified as I can get. I have been the Canterbury U21 Head coach for three years now and also the Lineout tactician for the Crusaders since 2008. I hope to coach full time professionally in the not too distant future.
My best wishes to all at the Barbarians for the year ahead - I hope an opportunity arises in the future where I can set foot in the new club rooms and share a beer or six with my old friends.
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Nathan Prestidge

Nathan Prestidge quickly became known at the club as "mistaa supa bootsu" because no matter whether Nathan was punting, place kicking or drop kicking the ball it was going to go exactly where he wanted it to and a hua of a long way.
Nathan was also a fantastic reader of the game, players loved to play with him at position standoff as he created so much space and time for them. Off the field Nathan was a great man for the social occassion he has great passion for the game and the people who play it.
Nathan played in 1996 and then again from 1999 to 2001.
Once kicked a droppy in an East Japan final from 45 metres that was still going upwards as it reached the post.
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