Over a long period of time now, since 1975 officially, the Hokkaido Barbarian`s Rugby Team has evolved from a spirited band of young men who loved their rugby to an official rugby club with five senior rugby teams and over 80 junior players! From the original "Stale Vomits" to the Hokkaido Barbarians Rugby Football Club, one thing has remained constant, the players love of rugby and their determination to be the best team on the day, whoever and wherever they play.

The photo below is taken in 1984, one of the original "Vomit" teams with many of the original founding members. Bottom left is Mark Ealey, a Hokkaido University student at the time who assisted the club considerably in renaming themselves the Hokkaido Barbarians and taking on the challenge of becoming a more serious and ambitious rugby team in Hokkaido.
This website is dedicated towards keeping former and current players, club members and supporters up to date with current happenings at the club. Its also intended to give the many former players around the world the opportunity to stay in touch, and share their stories and photos.

The rugby club has players of all ages and abilities so whether you are new to the game or aspiring to play rugby at a highly competitive level the Barbarians have a team suitable for everyone.All teams train on Saturday mornings and play their games on Sunday, most usually at our Jozankei club grounds. The A Team competes annually in the East Japan and All Japan Championships and has been ranked in the top four club teams in the country for over 10 years now. The Under 35 Team has regular tournaments as well and has players aged from 35 to 64 years old making up the team. Some players play regularly, others come along for a run when they can. From 2010 the club will also field a Hokkaido Barbarians Ladies Rugby Team for the very first time.

Most important of all though the club is about fun, enjoying the rugby but also enjoying each others company off the field and making the most of the outstanding rugby facilities in Jozankei.Anyone and everyone is welcome anytime to come along and enjoy the wonderful sport of rugby at the Hokkaido Barbarians Rugby and Sports Club.

Please check out the LATEST NEWS of the Barbarians from time to time and if you have any inquiries about the club or rugby please contact Jamie Coventry at juniorcoventry@hotmail.com
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Training grounds (natural grass): Jozankei grounds
Exclusive weight training space
Sports trainer: Director of Yokoyama Clinic (Dr. Yokoyama)
Analysis group established within coaching board: use analytic tools
Winter training ground: with cooperation of Hokkaido Soccer Association/use indoor artificial turf
Priority use of General Recreation Center's gym (game court: 50x34m, ceiling height: 12.7-15.3m): with cooperation of Nopporo General Recreation Center's management office
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club outline
Foster ties with the community: Barbarians Junior Club
Publish "Barbarians Jr. Yearbook" to report activities to parents
Create an environment so players need not retire: Over35 Club
Compete in Yokohama YC&AC competition
Compete in Chitose Over35 competition
Unexpected turn of events: although it was the Over35 group that helped found the Junior Club so that children could appreciate the sport, it is now often the adults who are encouraged to learn the sport of rugby by watching the young players enjoy the game.
Irish Pub Clubhouse (Brian Brew)
A space for parties/celebrations after competitions, welcome parties for the visiting team, socializing with team-mates
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club outline
The grounds are located in the city of Jozankei, about 40 minutes from city Sapporo.
The Barbarians purchased the grounds, together with the club house, in 2007.
The grounds are 15 acres in area and are separated into 2 fields. One is used mainly for rugby and the other is often used for activities such as cricket and baseball.
The club house can house up to 100 people and includes: a conference hall, dining area, shower facilities, table tennis/darts/pool table, and activities room.
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club outline
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